Tears of a Klout

A few days ago, an unattributed Instagram made the rounds of our office and inspired this tweet:

Without a clear indicator of the sign’s vintage, we purposely referred to it in the vague past tense. Thanks to the ensuing socially transmitted outrage, the Official Klout Blog weighed in to note that the poster was from a 2010 Stanford job fair and offered a thoughtful apology:

Looking back, it’s clear how uninviting and offensive that language is to many people, not just women. It’s not something we’re proud of. We are sorry about the message that was conveyed then. We don’t support or condone sexism at Klout, and our culture today has matured from what it was then.

As an example of the mature culture, the post goes on to list the Klout core values, which were apparently co-written by Stephen Covey and Extreme Sports Punk #1:

  • Be Bold.
  • Punch Mediocrity in the Face.
  • Deliver Value with Integrity.
  • Get There Faster.
  • Kloutlaws Ride Together.

Ride on, Kloutlaws, ride on.

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  1. Thanks for your support.

    -Sahana, Community Manager at Klout

  2. 很欣赏你的看法,受益,学习了。

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